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James Nachtwey’s Photographs Revealed

Posted on October 3rd, 2008 by Djordje.

Last year James Nachtwey received “one wish to change the world”. Over the last 18 months, Nachtwey and the TED community have worked together on gaining access to some locations Nachtwey wanted to photograph.

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The Missouri Photo Workshop 2008

Posted on September 27th, 2008 by Djordje.

Click on the image to see my story

The Missouri Photo Workshop: 60 years of documenting small town life

The 2008 Missouri Photo Workshop is ending tonight. All stories are available online (Thanks to the best crew who worked day and night to help us participants during this week).

This year’s workshop was held in St James, a town of 3704 people. It’s been a tough week, filled with frustration, little sleep, 20-hour days, joy, fried chicken and beer. It’s over, and we all feel both happy and sad. Happy that we have learned a lot in less than a week, met some new and interesting people, and sad because now we don’t get to have our work critiqued by the amazing faculty we had this year; MaryAnne GolonRandy Olson, Kim Komenich David GriffinMelissa FarlowLaurie SkrivanAlan BernerPeggy PeattieRita Reed and Danny Wilcox Fraizer. And we no longer get to drink beer on a parking lot of our motel at 3 AM with them.

My story was on Jay Delano, third generation business owner of Delano Oil Company. It was an incredibly hard story to tell for a number of reasons. I have never shot a photo story, and my understanding of it was that a photo story was a collection of the best images from a shoot. Wrong. Very wrong. Secondly, my story was not about Jay the oilman, but rather how the family business affected his life. I was “warned” by my faculty that a story like this was very hard to shoot. I accepted the challenge. Check out the intro here or click on the image above. And here is the link to all the stories shot by 40 photographers from 11 countries.

More posts about my experience are coming in the following days. Stay tuned….

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