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Ralph Nader, An Unreasonable Man

Posted on October 23rd, 2008 by Djordje.

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Ralph Nader, the “spoiler”, visited Seattle only two weeks before the 2008 presidential elections. Even though Nader is on the list in 45 states, the media ignores him to the extent that most people have no idea that there are more than two candidates running for office. In America, the only time people hear of a third candidate is when an unreasonable man spoils the elections. Check this page here. That is a website of a major newspaper. You’d assume there are only two candidates running for office. You’d be wrong, very wrong. Now see this page. To better understand how the American political system functions, do yourself a favor and watch “An Unreasonable Man“.

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Barack Obama in Seattle

Posted on February 8th, 2008 by Djordje.

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So after months of not posting anything, I’m back! Who’s to blame? Dunno, blame it on Canada. That’s always an option. Or blame it on Barack Obama. So today I went to the home of the Greatest, The Sonics’. That was a joke. The “Greatest”, that is. As a woman who sat next to me said, “There haven’t been this many people at a Sonics game in a long time”. To that I added “Perhaps they need to start playing.”

Obama gathered 21.000 people at Key Arena. According to “well-informed” sources, at least 3000 people couldn’t get in. Most of the attendees were younger people, those who’ve kept Obama at the forefront of this race. It was refreshing to see them getting involved. It does seem that they really want to see a change in this country. And what a change that would be! I will look at the US with very different eyes once a non-white person enters the White House. And stays there for at least one term. Or a woman. Hell, I live in a “girly” state. Every position of any importance is held by a woman in Washington state. Personally, I doubt that America is ready for a non-caucasian president. Or a president in a skirt. I want to be proved wrong!

Traditionally it’s been students and younger generations who’ve brought big, historical changes. Unless they role up their sleeves, nothing will ever happen. Someone commented (intelligently) on NPR that Baby Boomers will win again unless younger generations don’t prevent them. I don’t need to explain what action we need to take.

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