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James Nachtwey’s Photographs Revealed

Posted on October 3rd, 2008 by Djordje.

Last year James Nachtwey received “one wish to change the world”. Over the last 18 months, Nachtwey and the TED community have worked together on gaining access to some locations Nachtwey wanted to photograph.

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Southwest Airlines Torchlight Parade

Posted on July 28th, 2008 by Djordje.

Click on the image for more photos

I’ve lived in Seattle since 2001 and this was the first time I took part in this annual event that is part of Seafair, Seattle’s summer festival celebration that lasts from June until August. Unexpectedly my wife and I spent a fun afternoon down on 4th avenue. The parade was a classic “family fun” event, which we still officially aren’t if you define a family as having at least one kid. But what we found the most interesting were the people who started lining up 4th avenue as early as 7.30 AM. I should mention that the parade kicked off at 7.30 PM. There was a group of 3 guys who built a one-bedroom apartment right on the sidewalk. Literally! The only thing that was missing was a bathroom. Luckily “Honey Bucket” saved the day. They had a full kitchen with pretty much anything you need, a living room with two sofas and a few armchairs, lamps, family pictures hung on the trees, and a room with a bunk bed for the kids. Just look at the photos and you’ll see what I’m talking about. A few blocks north we found a guy eating pizza and watching a movie in his sidewalk livingroom. In short, the most entertaining part of the whole parade was not he parade itself, but rather those who watched it. Can’t wait 2009….

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