* Seattle International Film Festival

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Opening night of Seattle International Film Festival

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More than just a few favorites from the Opening night of the 35th Seattle International Film Festival, the largest festival in North America.

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* Canon 5D Mark II Samples

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The other night I had a chance to play with Canon’s newest 5D Mark II (production model) for a minute or so. Very few cameras have sparked as much discussion as this one, primarily due to its full HD video capability. According to the rep it’s supposed to ship in a few weeks. I’m putting my kidney on eBay tonight.

Alejandro Tomas and Dan Lamont

Doug Bulger

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* Barack Obama, El Presidente!

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Seattle, 11.04.2008  |  People gather spontaneously on the streets of Seattle to celebrate the historic victory of Barack Obama.

In the historic elections last night Barack Obama defeated George Bush who sought the third term in the White House :). Maverick lost, again. I guess it’s time for retirement.

America surprised me tonight. As I said back in February, if America can elect a black man, I will see this country in an entirely different way. A much more positive one. I moved to the States in 2001, and I’ve been unfortunate enough to live under Bush ever since. But that is going to change soon. What makes me really, really happy is that I participated in the elections that will be remembered for a very long time. And it wasn’t just about getting rid of Bush a.k.a. disaster, but the fact that my vote went to the first black president of America. I don’t know if we’re going to see much change (This system is not very flexible one. It doesn’t like to change), but there is a whole lot of hope.

Congrats Barack, and goodbye Dubya!!!

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* Seattle Zombie Walk 2008

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I spent the weekend with a bunch of Seattle zombies. First it was a Thriller dance in Pioneer Square on Saturday, then Zombie Walk in west Seattle yesterday afternoon. I’m not into getting all dressed up as a zombie and roaming the streets looking for “brains”, but I have to tell you it was a lot of fun spending time with these people and especially taking photos of them. Those of you zombies who stumble upon this entry, in case you’d like to see more more photos, click on the photo above. Or you can see even more here on my Flickr pages, “Seattle Zombie Walk” and “Seattle Zombie Thrillers“. I may have taken a photo of you.

I’ve had a few people ask me for prints, so I’ve uploaded some photos to my Printroom page. If you’d like to get a print, click here.

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* Seattle Zombie Thrillers

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Today was 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, and Seattle Zombie Thrillers gathered in Occidental Park to host a Thriller dance event. 93 events, in 91 cities, in 12 countries were held today worldwide. Seattle Zombies, approximately 190 of them, had two dances in Occidental Park, then moved on to West Seattle, where they performed at Easy Street.

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* Ralph Nader, An Unreasonable Man

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Ralph Nader, the “spoiler”, visited Seattle only two weeks before the 2008 presidential elections. Even though Nader is on the list in 45 states, the media ignores him to the extent that most people have no idea that there are more than two candidates running for office. In America, the only time people hear of a third candidate is when an unreasonable man spoils the elections. Check this page here. That is a website of a major newspaper. You’d assume there are only two candidates running for office. You’d be wrong, very wrong. Now see this page. To better understand how the American political system functions, do yourself a favor and watch “An Unreasonable Man“.

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* Nickelsville Moves Again

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A Nickelsville resident in front of his newly-built tent in U district

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Seattle, 10.10.2008: Seattle’s Tent City Moves to a New Location

Nickelsville has moved. Again. As previously reported, the city of Seattle didn’t allow the residents to stay in the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in Discovery Park. They had to leave by noon of October 10, 2008.

The new location was undisclosed as the residents feared the city would prevent them from setting up a camp at the new location. The new location of the camp is the University Christian Church’s parking lot in U district. As the residents were setting up the camp, the meeting between the city officials and the camp residents was taking place. The agreement was reached and the residents were given the permission to stay on the grounds until January 01, 2009 (they were helped by the fact that the church’s parking lot is a private property). By then the residents hope to find a location where they’ll be able to build permanent structures, not tents.

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* Alaskan Way Viaduct

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Semiannual Inspection

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) workers perform a semiannual inspection of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, due to be torn down in 2012. The viaduct, built in 1953, carries 100.000 vehicles a day. The 2001 Nisqually earthquake damaged the viaduct and shook and seawall. It is said that another earthquake of the same scale would have very serious consequences, and it could possibly take the viaduct down. The whole issue is very controversial. On one side there are people who propose that it be repaired. The DOT claims that the viaduct is in such a bad shape that the only way to repair it would be to rebuild it. Which is something many oppose, primarily real estate developers who see the opportunity to develop the area the viaduct occupies. The final solution is yet to be determined. What is known is that the work to take down the viaduct on central waterfront is beginning in 2012.

My take on this is that the viaduct is one very ugly structure. But I will miss it once it’s gone. And so will many Seattlites who consider the viaduct their own landmark. Driving northbound on a sunny day is the most beautiful scenic drive in the city. However, I can’t forget those people whose bedrooms are so close to the viaduct they can touch it. It is nice looking at the cityscape from the car, but just imagine sleeping in one of those buildings near it.

The story on the viaduct is an ongoing one that will last until the viaduct is gone.

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* Nickelsville: a mobile town

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What is Nickelsville, and what are the roots of its name? Nickelsville is the newest Tent City in Seattle. Currently there are four, “official” tent cities in the King County, two of which are within the city limits. And the name? On April 4th, 2008 the Mayor’s Office of Seattle issued an executive edit that homeless people cannot stay on city property such as overpasses, parks, and greenbelts where many of the homeless take shelter each night. Seattle’s Mayor is Greg Nickels, thus the name Nickelsville.

Nickelsville is the fifth camp, and is temporarily located in the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in Discovery Park. A bit of history: On September 22nd at 5 AM the Nickelsville camp was built at 7115 West Marginal Way SW. Four days later, on 26th, 70 tents and 5 wooden buildings were removed, and 23 people were arrested. The homeless found a temporary shelter at their current location. The city issued the “Notice and Order to Remove”, and the residents need to leave the park by Friday, October 10th. I spoke to some of them today, and they will obey the city orders. The future location of the park is undisclosed. I found out that the city “advised” the Indian Cultural Center that extending hospitality to the camp could affect how the budget gets distributed. This is unofficial and I have no way of confirming this information. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true, though.

What’s different about Nickelsville? For one there are rules you must obey in order to be a resident. The thing that really surprised me was that most of these people have jobs. This fact is even more depressing considering that after a day at work you spend a night by yourself in a tend. All of them speak of saving money for a fresh start. And many do have some savings. That’s not the talk I’d had heard in my visits to Seattle’s shelters. These people haven’t lost their hope. By pushing them around we’re working against them, we’re killing that hope. And that’s the only thing they have left. Let’s keep it alive…..

If you would like to get more information about the camp, visit their website.

To be continued….

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* James Nachtwey’s Photographs Revealed

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Last year James Nachtwey received “one wish to change the world”. Over the last 18 months, Nachtwey and the TED community have worked together on gaining access to some locations Nachtwey wanted to photograph.

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